The art market is vast, and offers plenty of buying opportunities no matter what your budget or your appetite for investment and risk. 

Lougher Contemporary focuses its attention on the editions and multiples area of the art market because it gives our clients an opportunity to buy artworks by established artists at a relatively affordable entry point. This in turn can offer both a low risk investment opportunity but also more liquidity than other areas of the art market (especially with the proliferation of editions and multiple sales by  international and regional auction houses). So relatively low risk in nature with investment potential and liquidity - not something that is typically associated with art.

The holy grail of art buying in our view is buying art that you love and also goes up in value, whether it's 10% per annum or far more, and we're here to help and advise. 

On this page, we have carefully selected a few of our recommended buys from our current inventory that we consider offer a higher than average chance of capital appreciation in the medium to long term. This might be because we are currently offering a more attractive price on a particular artwork and/ or in light of recently achieved sales results in the wider market.

We would be remiss if we didn't give a little caveat at this point. Whilst we have significant experience of investing in art, you should always go into any investments with the understanding that the value of any investment can go down as well as up.